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News Archive 2007


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Here we provide some interesting news and events discussion relating to motoring issues in the UK during 2007:

 Busy run up to Christmas for the breakdown recovery services - 19th December 2007

The dangers of winter driving - 17th December 2007

Ratings on car bumpers from tests carried out by Thatcham show some poor performers - 15th December 2007

GEM Motoring Assist circulate around a million copies of the revised and updated leaflet Personal Safety on the Road - 10th December 2007

One in ten have driven off after being in collision with a parked vehicle a survey has revealed - 8th December 2007

The MIB has created a new scheme which will increase road accident compensation claims turnaround where liability is unquestioned - 6th December 2007

Star ratings for safety on stretches of roads - 5th December 2007

Call for motorcyclists to be blamed for accidents unless they prove it's not their fault - 3rd December 2007

Misuse of headlights increases accident risk - 28th November 2007  

Dirty vehicles increase the risk of road accidents - 26th November 2007  

Tired drivers as bad as drink drivers in some cases tests show - 25th November 2007

Insurance companies welcome electronic policy issuing - 22nd November 2007

Over 18,000 road accidents caused by EU drivers in the UK each year - 20th November 2007

Better road safety education in schools needed - 15th November 2007

Increase in motorway speed limits called for - 12th November 2007

Uninsured drivers problem tops 2million - 7th November 2007

The UK's National Road Safety Week 2007 - 5th November 2007

Severe weather alert system for drivers - 4th November 2007

Motorway hard shoulder usage expected to get the go ahead to help ease peak traffic congestion - 1st November 2007

Tyre Safety month

Hit and run driver incidents rise  - 21st October 2007

The importance of tyre safety highlighted - 12th October 2007

Speed humps annoy the UK's motorists most - 1st October 2007

Road accident statistics for 2006 - 7th July 2007

Insurance fraud - police make arrests following operation Hydra - 20th April 2007

Thatcham research leads to warnings about correct use of head restraints to avoid whiplash injuries - 28th March 2007

Eating Whilst driving will get you into serious trouble! - 20th March 2007

New legislation regarding mobile phone usage whilst driving - 1st March 2007

Drink Drive laws toughened - 28th February 2007

Motorcyclist seeks compensation from youngster playing "chicken" - 1st January 2007

Child Safety Seats Regulations coming into effect - 1st January 2007

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