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News Archive 2008


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Here we provide some interesting news and events discussion relating to motoring issues in the UK during 2008:

The driver of a vehicle involved in a fatal accident claims he tried to avoid it using advice from TV's Top Gear - 16th December 2008

A road safety campaign being run by North Yorkshire Police sees a drop in accidents in the area - 14th December 2008

Clampdown on festive drink and drug drivers - 8th December 2008

Better crash barrier designs could help save motorcyclists lives - 4th December 2008

Government paper proposes six penalty points for those caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 20mph - 20th November 2008

Road safety campaign launched aimed at children - 17th November 2008

Rear view mirror technology should improve road safety - 12th November 2008

THINK! campaign promoting the wearing of seat belts - 6th November 2008

An MPs report leads to calls for bad driving to be classed as a threat to public health - 3rd November 2008

Car insurance fraud gang arrested - 27th October 2008

Statistics show HGVs are involved in more than their fair share of road accidents - 23rd October 2008

New cars to have whiplash prevention safety ratings measured in Euro NCAP tests - 17th October 2008

Top Gear presenter suffers minor injuries in car crash while filming - 13th October 2008

Paris set to stage the 2008 European Road Safety Day - 10th October 2008

Increased blinking should alert drivers to take a break - 8th September 2008

Custodial sentences for fraudsters helping others obtain driving licences - 1st September 2008

Uninsured drivers costing motorists an extra 31 per year in insurance costs - 23rd August 2008

Migrant worker killed in bus accident after day out at Alton Towers - 19th August 2008

Charity FiT Roads claims roads would be safer with no traffic lights - 4th August 2008

An open top bus turns over after being involved in a road accident - 1st August 2008

Sat navs instructing divers to make dangerous or illegal turns - 30th July 2008

Tougher sentences for drivers who cause death by dangerous driving - 16th July 2008

Research shows women are three times more likely than men to suffer whiplash injuries in road accidents - 12th July 2008

The most dangerous road in Britain named according to EuroRAP ratings - 6th July 2008

Accidents reduced in a German Town where road signs were removed - 1st July 2008

The Government (DSA) is holding public consultation on how we are learning to drive - 24th June 2008

Tyres on caravans should be regularly checked before towing - 21st June 2008

More vigilance from motorists required as motorcyclist numbers increase - 19th June 2008

Questions covering vehicle road safety to be introduced into driving tests - 12th June 2008

Government to recommend widespread 20mph zones to reduce road deaths - 23rd May 2008

A cautious approach to buying used cars should be taken - 16th May 2008

More funding for VOSA to stop illegal operating by foreign goods vehicles - 12th May 2008

Guidelines for a safer environment for motorcyclists - 7th May 2008

Car seats and head restraints are getting better in combating whiplash - 1st May 2008

Up to 350,000 uninsured drivers have used Britain's road during the last 12 months - 25th April 2008

 Education required on air bag deployment - 21st April 2008

 Working drivers most likely to tailgate and speed - 14th April 2008

 Driven to distraction by too many road signs and billboards - 4th April 2008

 Around 3.5 million holes on the roads - 2nd April 2008

 Fresh air the drivers choice to wake up - 26th March 2008

 Recent storms highlight the need for safe tyres - 18th March 2008

 Tyre safety campaign targets motorcycles and scooters - 17th March 2008

 Survey marking the first anniversary of increased mobile phone driving penalties - 11th March 2008

 Collision avoidance technologies announced by Thatcham - 5th March 2008

 23 million UK drivers put off vehicle repair - 25th February 2008

 Drivers risk accident because of child distractions - 19th February 2008

 Motorists in the UK driving with unsafe wipers - 15th February 2008

 Police in car insurance crackdown in Yorkshire - 10th February 2008

 Insurance premiums high for young drivers - 4th February 2008

 Xmas drink drivers caught falls compared to last year - 22nd January 2008

 Uninsured driver numbers dropping due to stricter policing - 20th January 2008

 Road accident fatalities could be reduced if clocks were moved forward during winter rather than backwards - 14th January 2008

 Calls for tougher sentencing guidelines for the offence of death by careless driving - 13th January 2008

 Car covers increasingly being used to protect cars from vandals whilst parked for long periods - 8th January 2008

 Pay as you drive insurance policies - 2nd January 2008

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