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News Archive 2009


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Here we provide some interesting news and events discussion relating to motoring issues in the UK during 2009:

Bus driver who caused a fatal accident fails to appear in court - 9th December 2009

20p tyre safety check that could save lives - 7th October 2009

Collision avoidance technology could learn from schools of fish - 4th October 2009

THINK! Be Bright Be Seen road safety campaign to run from 23rd October - 30th September 2009

Safety first for women picking a new car - 17th September 2009

South Yorkshire is running a campaign to improve pedestrian accident rates - 14th September 2009

Cycle lanes could put cyclists in more danger - 13th September 2009

Computer engineers the most at risk of car accidents in the UK - 10th September 2009

Traffic congestion has fallen during the credit crunch a report published today reveals - 7th September 2009

Alistair Cheyne OBE has been appointed Chairman of IAM - 6th September 2009

SHARP has safety rated a landmark 150th motorcycle helmet - 4th September 2009

Children must be visible around roads so easily seen by motorists - 26th August 2009

Foreign vehicles on the UK's roads with dangerous defects need removing - 24th August 2009

Drug Driving awareness campaign launched by THINK! - 23rd August 2009

Learning to drive in Britain is made more difficult by the number of potholes - 21st August 2009

An electronic system will monitor and help teach bus drivers - 10th August 2009

Campaigns aimed at reducing drunken pedestrian accidents in Hertfordshire show promising results - 9th August 2009

Year on year figures show road accident casualties have fallen - 7th August 2009

Attention Assist monitors driver behaviour and can predict the onset of fatigue - 4th August 2009

THINK! childrens road safety campaign Tales of the Road gets an update - 3rd August 2009

Fixed penalty fine increase for those caught not wearing their seatbelt - 2nd August 2009

Road safety statistics can be misleading because not all road crash injuries get reported - 29th July 2009

Millions of British drivers fear motorway driving - 27th July 2009

Bitumen to be replaced by chip fat in road surface trials - 22nd July 2009

TfL have sent links to an online cycling safety film to over 140,000 cyclists - 17th July 2009

Motorists in a survey own up to day dreaming whilst driving - 10th July 2009

Repaired crash vehicles at Kitemark certified repair centres retain safety levels - 29th June 2009

Accidents on the UK's roads resulting in fatalities at an all time low since records began in 1926 - 25th June 2009

June sees Child Safety Week hoping to reduce childrens injuries from accidents - 22nd June 2009

The Scottish Transport Minister today unveiled a ten year framework for road safety - 15th June 2009

People drink driving in the UK without even realising - 4th June 2009

Transport for London (Tfl) to pilot the Intelligent Speed Adaptation devices - 31st May 2009

Road crash causes should be investigated not just who should be blamed - 19th May 2009

Increase in EU truck accidents on Britain's roads - 12th May 2009

Pedestrian and cyclist road safety report published by the National Audit Office - 9th May 2009

Figures show that the police are responsible for causing an average of nine accidents a day - 5th May 2009

Road safety campaign aimed at three to sixteen year-olds by THINK! - 28th April 2009

Ten year plan proposals unveiled by the government for road safety improvements - 21st April 2009

Pedestrian airbags would reduce deaths and serious injury - 17th April 2009

London is starting to use the naked street principals to aid road safety - 15th April 2009

New laws to help the police and VOSA punish foreign drivers who break traffic regulations - 5th April 2009

Cyclists without helmets partly to blame for head injuries if their in an accident rules a judge - 20th March 2009

Hands-free mobile phone kits are legal but many believe not safe - 10th March 2009

In a bid to reduce road accidents the Government are looking at reducing speed limits on rural roads - 8th March 2009

Euro NCAP begins testing cars through it's new safety ratings system - 2nd March 2009

Alarming driver eyesight attitudes revealed in a study - 20th February 2009

Motorcyclists lives could be saved by wearing air bag jackets - 16th February 2009

Student made up to look like a car crash victim helps shock audience to take notice - 10th February 2009

Alarming increase in unsafe HGVs found on Britain's roads last year - 3rd February 2009

Kill your speed, or live with it road safety campaign launched - 1st February 2009

New law targeting uninsured drivers makes it more difficult for insurance cheats - 20th January 2009

Police in Tayside are running clinics offering free impartial advice on child car seat suitability - 19th January 2009

Drivers ill prepared for wintry driving conditions - 13th January 2009

Bus lane trial for motorcyclists in London - 9th January 2009

Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) would reduce road accidents - 2nd January 2009


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