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Useful tips about being visible on the road


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It is always important to be seen by motorists, here are some tips to help make yourself visible and so safer around roads

Be Safe, Be Seen, Help motorists, make yourself visible. All of us should try and make ourselves visible to motorists, particularly small children who are not as easily seen.

Not only is this important at night and in bad weather, but also during the daylight hours.  Here are some useful tips to help us all be seen by motorists when we are near to roads:

It is always important to make yourself clearly visible to motorists, especially in foggy conditions, at night and in dull and rainy weather.  

At night you should try to wear reflective clothing, this will stand out in any lights, particularly car headlights. If not reflective clothing, then reflective tape can be stuck on outer garments and bags.   During the daylight hours, particularly when it's foggy or dull, wear fluorescent or bright coloured clothing.

This type of clothing does not work well at night.  

Always use the Green Cross Code: Stop, Look and Listen.

Always pick a safe place to cross the road, preferably at a zebra crossing, pelican crossing, puffin crossing or patrolled crossing.

If no crossing is available, always ensure you find a safe place to cross, where there is good visibility for motorists to see you.  

If you go out at night always travel on well lit routes, and ensure if you cross the road it is in a well lit area where motorist will easily be able to spot you.  

If cycling at night, by law you must have a white front light, red rear light and red rear reflector which are all in working order and turned on.

Pedestrians or cyclists who have been involved in an accident may be entitled to personal injury compensation even if it they believe it may have been their fault.

Find out today by visiting our Compensation Claims page whether you can make a claim, we offer a no win no fee service which means it wont cost you a penny to pursue your case. 

Or for further information visit our the pedestrian accident  or cycle accident information pages. For a fun way for kids to learn more about road safety, why not visit



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