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Car accident compensation claims


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A car accident can be one of the most traumatic events that a person can experience.

Most incidents involve only moderate damage to the vehicle's and little or no bodily injury.

However many thousands of people do suffer personal injury and this site discusses what options you might have for claiming compensation if you find yourself in this position.


Obtaining car accident compensation with our legal service is hassle free. Our lawyers deal with you from the outset in a clear and efficient way. We make the claims process as simple as possible and we make no charge to you.

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Calls for law changes to make helmets compulsory for quad bike riders - [4th August 2010]

Moving clocks forward in winter could save lives from road accidents - [30th June 2010]

Councils told by the government if they want more speed cameras that they will have to fund them their selves - [22nd June 2010]

Kia recalls two car models over safety concerns - [16th June 2010]

More average speed cameras required so carbon emissions and road accidents are reduced - [1st February 2010]

THINK! to run a campaign aimed at getting children to wear visible clothing at night - [30th September 2009]

A study found that cycle lanes put cyclist in more danger - [13th September 2009]

Motorcycle helmet safety rating scheme SHARP rates its 150th helmet - [4th September 2009]

The eye signs of drug usage to the police and the dangers of drug driving featured in a new campaign - [23rd August 2009]

First's bus drivers to be monitored and taught by a new system - [10th August 2009]

THINK! childrens online road safety campaign gets new material - [3rd August 2009]

Drivers admit to driving "zoned out" on parts of journeys - [10th July 2009]

Road accident casualties drop overall compared to last year - [25th June 2009]

Black cabs, buses and council vehicles in London to trial Intelligent Speed Adaptation devices - [31st May 2009]

Figures reveal nine road accidents a day are caused by the police on average - [5th May 2009]

Road accident reduction proposals announced by the government - [21st April 2009]

Agencies given more power to crack down on foreign drivers who break the law - [5th April 2009]

Euro NCAP has completed the first tests using it's new car safety rating tests - [2nd March 2009]

Air bag jackets provide extra safety protection for motorcyclists - [16th February 2009]

New law of keeper of an uninsured vehicle makes it more difficult for insurance cheats - [20th January 2009]

Road accidents would be reduced if Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) controlled your vehicles speed - [2nd January 2009]

Operation Anvil being run by the North Yorkshire Police sees a drop in road accident casualties - [14th December 2008]

Drink and drug driving campaign aims to reduce festive road accidents - [8th December 2008]

Safety improvements at night from auto-dimming rear-view mirrors - [12th November 2008]

Bad drivers should be treated as a threat to public health recommends a report from an MPs study - [3rd November 2008]

Thatcham to test new cars for whiplash prevention ratings as part of Euro NCAP safety tests - [17th October 2008]

Uninsured drivers adding 500 million to motor insurance premiums annually - [23rd August 2008]

Bus passengers injured as open top bus overturns in a road accident - [1st August 2008]

Removal of road signs in an experiment reduced accidents - [1st July 2008]

Breakdown services braced for busy run up to Xmas - [19th December 2007]

Revised and updated Personal Safety on the Road leaflet circulates a million - [10th December 2007]

One in ten drivers admit to driving off after hitting a parked vehicle - [8th December 2007]

Insurance firms welcome  electronic insurance policy issuing for vehicle owners - [22nd November 2007]

School road safety lessons should be compulsory - [15th November 2007]

Motorway speed limit increase to 85mph called for - [12th November 2007]

Uninsured drivers problem - [7th November 2007]

UK National Road Safety Week 2007 - [5th November 2007]

Motorists find speed humps most annoying - [10th October 2007]

Tyre safety month October 2007 - [1st October 2007]

Road accident statistics for 2006 - [7th July 2007]  

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