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What you should do following a road accident


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The following information relates to steps that you may wish to take if you have been involved in a road accident. The details are provided for your guidance and apply generally to most types of accidents on the road.

Exchange names, addresses, phone numbers (mobiles as a last resort), insurance details and vehicle registration numbers. If the number is a foreign plate try to ensure the police attend the scene to avoid problems further down the line.


Try to determine who owns the other vehicle if this is not the driver. Who insures the vehicle? Who is the policyholder?   

Note a description of each vehicle including year, make, model, colour and damage sustained. This latter point can be very important. 

Make a note of the location of the accident and how the accident happened. It is good to make notes early on because memories of traumatic events can fade very quickly.

If you can take photos of the scene (camera images are fine) and provide a small diagram for your insurers.

Do not discuss liability. If the other driver wishes to admit fault that is one thing but the only people admitting liability should be your insurers. It is they that may have to pick up the bill.

Note any witnesses. names addresses and contact numbers.

Inform the police. The police don't usually attend Road accidents unless someone has suffered injury or vehicles are blocking traffic, but it is still worth reporting every incident. The police can always back you up if the other driver refuses to cooperate further down the line.

Report the accident to your motor insurers as soon as you can. The earlier the better. Do not think this can be avoided (even in cases where the accident was not your fault). It is better to report all occurrences



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