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The courier code aims to make the industry safer


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The courier code aims to improve road safety and awareness for couriers and other road users.

Courier companies and the people they employ all have a duty to follow the courier code whether they travel by bike, car, van or other means.

The courier code which has been agreed between the Department for Transport and the Dispatch association is aimed at raising safety standards and awareness within the industry.

Employers are responsible for: 

Ensuring that the drivers or riders are correctly trained.  

The vehicles used are safe and roadworthy.  

 All vehicles are licensed and have the correct driver insurance.  

Loads to be delivered are not of a dangerous nature.  

Correct equipment and clothing is provided clearly stating the company they are working for.  

Times given to make deliveries are reasonable.  

Drivers or riders are not expected to use mobile phones whilst travelling.  

Couriers are responsible for:

Ensuring they have the correct insurance on the vehicle they are using for couriering.

Pedal cyclists should take out third party insurance even though they are not legally obliged to.   Keeping their vehicle in roadworthy condition and clean.  

Drivers or riders should not operate their vehicle in a manner that could endanger themselves, other road users or pedestrians by causing a road accident.  

Vehicles should not be parked causing a danger to other road users or in a manner likely to cause pedestrian accidents.  

When using cars, bikes, or pedal cycles for couriering no more than 10 hours should be worked, though this is just a recommendation.  

Couriers should not drive or ride whilst tired.  

Goods vehicle drivers should obey the UK's or EU's legislation on driving hours.  

Drivers or riders should never use their vehicles whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.  

More information on the courier code can be obtained from the THINK! Road Safety web site.  




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