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Cycle accident compensation claims


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If you have suffered an injury whilst travelling on a bike / bicycle or cycle on the road, you might be entitled to claim compensation. It is estimated that there are now more than 3 million cyclists on Britain's roads.

Many factors have led to an increase in the numbers of cyclists. Rising petrol costs, the desire for people to be more eco-friendly, the congestion charge (London), greater health awareness and a need to exercise have all led to a surge in popularity. It would however be safe to say that cycling is far more dangerous than any other form of transport.


Cyclist Accident "No win No fee" Solicitors

The latest road accident statistics (2006) revealed that 136 cyclists were killed on Britain’s roads. There are many thousands of minor to moderate accidents that generally are not recorded because the injuries are insignificant.

Pedal cyclist casualties fell from 16,561 in 2005 to 16,196, a drop of 2%. The number of cyclists killed or seriously injured fell by 1% overall to 2296, and the number of fatalities fell marginally by 1% to 146.

More on cycle accidents in the UK Cyclists are vulnerable for the same reasons as motorcyclists, other road users very often simply fail to spot them before a collision occurs. Busy roundabouts tend to be the most common location where cycle accidents occur.

Side road collisions are also very common because drivers entering the main road usually only look for other vehicles.

To add insult to injury most cyclists do not have any idea of where to go to make a compensation claim if they do have a crash. Most do not have the benefit of cycle insurance or legal cover which might allow them to male a claim.

Often, claimants can be left in the dark about what they can and cant claim for.


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Here we summarise the situation:          

If you are a cyclist who has been involved in an accident that you believe was not your fault – you can and should claim compensation.       

You will usually only be able to instruct a solicitor if you suffered injury.

This is because your solicitors cannot recover legal costs on a property damage only claim (unless damages exceed £5000 which for a cycle case is unlikely)         

You should seek medical advice on any injury sustained

You should obtain a repair estimate for the damaged bicycle OR a replacement quotation

You may be able to claim “loss of use” whilst the cycle is off the road You should be able to recover all travel expenses incurred whilst the cycle is off the road or immobile, provided you have retained the receipts

We can help with any cyclist compensation claim and would be happy to speak with you about pursuing a claim. Call us today for immediate advice.

More statistics and facts about cycling Tips on making yourself visible to motorists

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