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Cycling safety


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Cyclists and motorists have a duty to one another to allow safe passage. Cycling is a great way to travel around the UK, not only does it help keep you fit, but is also kinder to the environment than motor vehicles.

We all have a right to use our roads, but only if we do it in a safe manner.

Cyclists and motorists must have consideration and patience for each other at all times, otherwise it could lead to road accidents.

Here's a guide to some basic rules and safety tips whist cycling: We recommend you always wear a suitable helmet whilst cycling.

 Always try to make your self as visible as possible.

Ride well clear of the kerb it helps vehicles see you when approaching side roads.

Always wear bright or fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective clothing by night where possible.

Don't forget at night and in bad weather you should always use a white beam front light, red rear light and have a red rear reflector that are all operating correctly.

Don't weave in and out of parked cars; always travel in as straight a line as possible past them. Look and signal before you start, turn or stop, this lets drivers know what you are doing.

Never ignore traffic lights or pedestrian crossings.  

Don't ride on pavements.  

Don't ride down one-way streets in the wrong direction, or in bus lanes unless there are signs saying cyclists can do so.  

If cycle lanes or cycle tracks are present and going in your direction, use them.  

Don't ride with more than two cyclists side by side, and on narrow roads stay in single file.

Cyclists, particularly younger ones can find more cycling safety advice by visiting

Here are some points motorists should consider to help avoid accidents with cyclists: Always check for cyclists on your inside when turning left.  

Give consideration to cyclists turning right.  

Check for cyclists before opening your vehicles doors.  

Give cyclists enough room, at the very least a half cars width.

This is particularly important in windy conditions or on poor road surfaces.  

Understand why cyclists ride away from the kerb, they do it to be visible whilst approaching side roads, to have room to avoid potholes and drains, to allow for movement caused by strong winds amongst other reasons.  

Don't approach cyclists with full beam headlights on, dip them as you would with other road vehicles.


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