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Advice to aid rapid response times for emergency vehicles.


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Help emergency vehicles operate quickly and safely, it could save lives.

We should all avoid causing delays for emergency vehicles, and give them as clear a passage as safely possible.

Even the shortest delays could cost lives. If you see an emergency vehicle approaching whilst using it's flashing blue lights, flashing headlights and/or using it's siren and you are blocking it's passage you should attempt to:

Check for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and any other obstacles, then pull over if safe to do so not forgetting to indicate so people know what you are doing.  

Pull over as far as safely possible, ensuring there is enough room for the emergency vehicle to pass through. Stay calm and be alert, there may be other emergency vehicles coming.  

Pedestrians should stay off the road until the emergency vehicle has passed, and then they should still ensure it is safe to cross.

If these tips are followed it should help in preventing unnecessary vehicle accidents and pedestrian accidents due to emergency vehicle responses.

Whilst emergency vehicles are using the blue flashing light they are exempt from some motoring regulations, including the following:

Treating a red traffic signal as a give way sign.  

Travelling on the wrong side of keep left bollards.  

Using motorway hard shoulders in either direction.  

Ignoring speed limits, this applies to the fire, police and ambulance services only.

But they must not: -

Ignore 'no entry' signs.  

Ignore 'give way' or 'stop' signs.  

Travel along one-way streets in the wrong direction.

Ignore the flashing signs at level crossings or at fire stations.

Cross a solid white line in the middle a road (except to pass slow moving cyclists or horses, stationary vehicles or road maintenance vehicles.

This can be a problem when other motorists slow down in no overtaking areas).

The following are classed as emergency services: - Police Fire Ambulance National blood service Coastguard Lifeboat launchers Bomb disposal Mountain rescue Mines rescue

If you have been involved in a road accident you may be entitled to compensation.  We can give you advice on making a compensation claim and details on our "no win no fee" policy.



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