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Hit and Run accident compensation for personal injury


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If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident with a driver who leaves the scene (a hit and run accident) you might think that there is no chance of making a claim for injury or property damage.

Fortunately in the UK that is not the case – there is still a way that you can obtain compensation. 

We are specialist hit and run solicitors who deal with compensation claims against the MIB.  


"No win No fee" Hit & Run personal injury Solicitors

There is a body called the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) that is funded by UK insurers.

They deal with claims from victims of hit and run or untraced driver incidents.

They provide compensation (in certain circumstances) for personal injury, vehicle damage and loss of earnings etc.

They also make a modest contribution to legal costs although generally this will not be sufficient to cover your full legal bill.

During 2007 the MIB dealt with 18,000 (hit and run) accidents. They paid out more than £78 million in compensation.

It is now possible to claim both personal injury compensation and property damage under the MIB hit and run accident scheme (known as the Untraced Drivers Agreement) subject to some restrictions.

We are MIB compensation specialists and will be able to help you claim damages that you perhaps thought would be impossible to recover.



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Here are some important steps to take if you find yourself involved in a hit and run accident: 

What you should do after a road accident with an untraced driver:

1) Try to record the offending vehicle registration number

2) Keep a record of all witnesses including passenger’s who (whilst not independent) will be able to corroborate your version of events)

3) Report the case to the police if they are not already aware of the accident. This is of great importance to the MIB and is a strong indicator to them that your claim is genuine.

4) Try to obtain medical attention if you have suffered injuries in the accident.

5) Take photos of the accident scene to assist with any liability investigation.

6) Obtain a repair estimate on your vehicle damage.

7) Consider instructing an accident lawyer specialising in MIB claims.  Speak to our accident claim helpline today and let us help you with your hit and run claim. Please note that the MIB will not pay all of your legal fees in pursuance of a claim against an untraced driver. We will therefore charge you 25% inclusive of vat which will be deducted from your compensation award


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