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Who pays the legal fees if you make an accident claim?


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If you have been involved in a road accident and suffered personal injury or loss you may wish to pursue a compensation claim.

This site is managed by road accident solicitors and provides a wealth of information about accident claims in the UK.  Who pays the legal bill if you claim?

One of the big questions that people often ask before deciding to make a claim is about who actually pays the solicitors legal fees?  


"No win No fee" personal injury Solicitors

Because of the general public perception that solicitors do nothing for nothing and that there is always going to be a sting n the tail, many people are put off making a genuine claim. 

Here we spell out what actually happens when you make a compensation claim for injury following a car accident with our particular service. 

If the accident was not your fault, you should be able to instruct a solicitor to handle your case.

Your solicitor will assess what prospects you have for winning the case and may well deal with the claim NO WIN NO FEE.

With our service the situation is perfectly simple:      


You receive your compensation in full 100% NO deductions 

* MIB Untraced claims excepted Your solicitor receives a fixed fee in  settlement of legal costs from the insurers of the liable party    


You receive no compensation

Your solicitor is not entitled to any legal fees and has to simply close the case.   You do not get charged.


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