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If you have suffered personal injury in a car accident you may be entitled to no win no fee legal representation to pursue a compensation claim.  The term “no win no fee” is often used and seldom understood.

Here we try to allay any fears you might have about making a claim. It is far simpler than you may think.



When people talk about "No win no fee" they rarely fully understand the concept. It is a fairly new method of obtaining legal representation and there are still many myths that need to be debunked.

Most people have a suspicion that there are hidden costs or some additional fees that will need to be met and that there is no such thing as FREE LEGAL ADVICE.

This puts many people off pursuing a compensation claim. 

The truth is that in England and Wales, a good personal injury solicitor will deal with a compensation claim of the following basis:   


The losing party’s insurance company will pay your legal bill.

You will receive 100% of your damages / compensation


The solicitor agrees to drop the legal bill and not charge you  

You will receive NO compensation.

In either situation you do not have any risk of incurring financial liabilities that cannot be recovered. Your solicitor will only take the case on if there is a reasonable chance of winning it.

It is worth pointing out that you may have legal expenses insurance which will replace the need for a no win no fee agreement. You may also have cover through your Trade Union. Call us today for free advice on your accident injury claim.  


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* Please be aware that when dealing with MIB Hit and Run claims we we will deduct a charge equal to 25% inc vat of your award. This is because the MIB do not pay your legal bill in full when handling a claim on behalf of an untraced driver.

Winston Solicitors LLP can also help if you believe you have been mis-sold payment protection insurance.  We offer a no win no fee PPI compensation claim service to help guide you through the the reclaim process.

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