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Pedestrian accident claims


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Road accidents involving pedestrians account for more than 23,000 casualties every year in Britain. Many accidents could be avoided with greater care being taken by vehicle drivers.

Pedestrians are owed a duty of care by all road users and if a driver fails to control a vehicle and is in collision with a pedestrian, a compensation claim may be made against them.

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If you are a pedestrian involved in a collision you might be entitled to pursue personal injury compensation.

You should seek legal advice on your position and we would be happy to help you with your case.   On many occasions the pedestrian may well be at fault for the collision as a result of stepping out into the road. Generally in our experience it is always worth exploring whether a claim can be made even in circumstances where the pedestrian feels that they were to blame.   Find out today whether you can claim - we offer a no win no fee service that means you wont pay a penny to pursue your case. 

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20mph zone in Portsmouth found to be ineffective [5th October 2010]

Quad bike riders should be made to wear helmets according to health professionals [4th August 2010]

Residents on a London estate call for learner drivers to be prevented from using it [13th July 2010]

Longer winter evening daylight would reduce road casualties and improve lifestyles [30th June 2010]

Braking problems with Toyotas hybrid vehicles leads to a world wide recall [13th February 2010]

Calls for more average speed cameras to help reduce carbon emissions [1st February 2010]

2009 archived news:

Bus accident driver fails to attend court [9th December 2009] Tyre safety check using a 20p that could save your life [7th October 2009] Research shows most women buying a new car view safety as the top priority [17th September 2009] Churchill Car Insurance analysis finds computer engineers the worst group of drivers [10th September 2009] Charity the Institute for Advanced Motorists (IAM) have appointed a new Chairman [6th September 2009] To crackdown on dangerous foreign vehicles on Britain's road VOSA needs more power [24th August 2009] First's bus drivers to be monitored by an electronic system [10th August 2009] Fine doubles for drivers caught without their seatbelts on [2nd August 2009] One in seven of Britain's drivers have a phobia of motorways [27th July 2009] Road accident repaired vehicle still safe when repaired at BSI Kitemark certified repair centres [29th June 2009] Drivers warned about drinking and driving on hot summer days and the morning after nights out [4th June 2009] Despite DfT efforts EU truck accidents increase [12th May 2009] The government has unveiled proposals to reduce road accidents beyond 2010 [21st March 2009] Judge rules cyclists must wear helmets or take their share of blame for any head injuries if they are in an accident, even if it was not their fault [20th March 2009] Is it safer to turn off mobile phones and hands free kits altogether [10th March 2009] Middle aged drivers can show a dangerous disregard for road safety through poor eyesight [20th February 2009] Increase in HGVs ordered of Britain's roads last year being blamed on foreign drivers [3rd February 2009] Clinics to assess child car seat suitability are being run by Tayside Police [19th January 2009] Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) could reduce road accident fatalities and injuries [2nd January 2009]

2008 archived news:

Fatal crash driver tried to avoid the accident using Top Gear's advice [16th December 2008] Government road safety paper recommends six penalty points for those  20mph or more above the speed limit [20th November 2008] Auto-dimming technology in rear-view mirrors should help reduce night time car accidents [12th November 2008] Call for more rail freight to be used to reduce HGV accidents [23rd October 2008] Urban road safety to be targeted at this years European Road Safety Day [10th October 2008] Two men jailed for deception in helping obtain other people driving licences [1st September 2008] Law abiding motorists paying an extra 31 yearly because of uninsured drivers [23rd August 2008] Sat nav putting road safety at risk [30th July 2008] Rural roads are found to be more dangerous to motorists than motorways or duel carriageways [6th July 2008] Warning about the importance of tyre checks on caravans before towing [21st June 2008] The RAC warns of the dangers of buying used cars [16th May 2008] Whiplash injuries should begin to fall if the steady improvement in car seats and head restraints continues [1st May 2008] Air bags could panic people in collisions because they don't know what to expect [21st April 2008] Working drivers are more likely to be involved in a road accident through tailgating or speeding [14th April 2008] Holes on English and Welsh roads reach record high [2nd April 2008] Stormy weather highlights the importance of tyre safety [18th March 2008] March tyre safety campaign aimed at motorcycles and scooters [17th March 2008] THINK! hope to raise awareness of the dangers of using mobiles while driving with survey marking anniversary of fines increase [11th March 2008] 23 million increasing the risk of road accidents by not fixing vehicle faults quickly [25th February 2008] Youngsters increasing the risk of road accidents by distracting drivers [19th February 2008] Drivers need to improve their vision in wet conditions and change wiper blades more frequently [15th February 2008] Police in Yorkshire are clamping down on uninsured drivers [10th February 2008] RAC get top award in accident management category [28th January 2008] Uninsured driver numbers receding [20th January 2008] Sentencing guidelines for death by careless or inconsiderate driving are too lenient say the families of victims [13th January 2008] Cheaper car insurance for low mileage drivers on pay as you drive policies [2nd January 2008]

2007 archived news:

Bump and runs involving parked vehicles committed by around 10% of drivers [8th December 2007] Dirty vehicles increasing accident risk [26th November 2007] Fatigued drivers can perform as badly as drink drivers [25th November 2007] Electronic car insurance policy issuing welcomed by insurers [22nd November 2007] EU drivers causing thousands of road accidents [20th November 2007] Increase in motorway speed limits called for [12th November 2007] UK's uninsured drivers is a big problem [7th November 2007] Driver severe weather alerts [4th November 2007] "Shocking" government hit and run figures [21st October 2007] Motorists dislike speed humps the most [10th October 2007] Road accident statistics for 2006 [7th July 2007] Eating Whilst driving will get you into serious trouble! [20th March 2007] Drink Drive laws toughened [1st March 2007] Motorcyclist seeks compensation from youngster playing "chicken" [1st January 2007]      

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