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IAM calls for a safer 2011 on nation’s roads


IAM calls for a safer 2011 on nation’s roads - 5th January 2011

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has said that it is not too late for motorists to make a new year’s resolution and practice safer driving in the year ahead.

The IAM is running a number of training courses for drivers, bikers and cyclists of all abilities and says that by acquiring greater skills it will improve overall safety and confidence as well as ultimately leading to lower car insurance premiums. It runs special schemes for new young drivers and older drivers.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner at IAM, said: “Continuous personal development is often top of the mind at this time of year, but our skill as a driver, rider or cyclist can get taken for granted. Whichever way you travel, make doing it more safely and efficiently your goal for the new year.”




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