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Research suggests measures to tackle boring driving


Research suggests measures to tackle boring driving - 5th January 2011

New research has shown that many motorists find driving boring and lacking a challenge and suggests that some drivers may seek excitement through potentially dangerous moves such as speeding or overtaking.

A team from Newcastle University found that a third of those surveyed were easily bored and were more likely to take risks while driving as a result. The research team said that drastic measures such as removing kerbs, could be a solution in a bid to keep motorists concentrating on the roads and trying to avoid accidents. Dr Joan Harvey, who led the research team, said that planners should consider taking such action as hazards can actually increase a motorists’ attention on the road.

Edmund, King, AA president, who is also visiting Professor of Transport at Newcastle University, said: “As cars come fitted with more gadgets to make driving easier and planners remove more of the distractions it comes as no surprise to me that some people are finding the pleasure of driving has become a bore. With that comes an increase in the risks drivers take as they mentally switch-off instead of focusing on the road. Drivers need to stay alert at all times.”



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