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Seat belts can save lives


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Seat belts can prevent serious injury or save lives but are often ignored.

People should remember to wear their seat belts even on short journeys, because if you are involved in a road accident it could save lives or prevent serious injuries

Drivers and passengers often don't bother to wear their seat belts on short urban journeys, particularly the back seat passengers.

If they are involved in a car accident the rear passengers not only risk their own safety, but also that of the people in front when they could be propelled forward into them. 

You can try out a seat belt crash simulator at which informs you what types of injuries can occur from not wearing seat belts with different occupants and at different speeds.

Wearing seat belts in the front of cars became compulsory by law in 1982, with estimates saying that 90 percent of front passengers and drivers were soon wearing them.

In 1991 it became compulsory for adults in the rear of cars to wear seat belts with reports suggesting that only 40 percent actually did wear them. The Department for Transport states that minibuses, coaches and buses (apart from those designed for urban use with standing passengers) first used on or after 1 October 2001 must have seat belts fitted by the manufacturer.

The seat belts must be fitted in all forward and rearward facing seats, and must meet the technical requirements set out in European Directives (select here for the full article).

Not only is it important for adults to fasten their seat belts, but selecting the correct child seat and fitting it correctly is also of major importance and could save a child from serious injury or even death.

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