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What you may be able to claim for following a car accident


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If you have been involved in a car accident you may wish to know what items you can actually claim for if you decide to pursue your case.

We are specialist car accident solicitors and can help you with your claim on a “No win No fee” basis. You may be able to instruct a solicitor even if you are not claiming for personal injury.

Here is a summary of certain types of claims that you may be able to make if you decide to pursue road accident compensation:

Vehicle repair or replacement cost
(ie market value - more on this from Parkers official site)

Car hire – whilst your own vehicle is off the road

“Loss of use” whilst the vehicle is off the road (cannot be claimed if also using a hire car)

Policy excess payments

Miscellaneous expenses such as prescription costs, extra travel or petrol costs


Postage costs

Lost earnings – if you are injured and unable to work OR if your vehicle is your livelihood and is off the road because of the accident.

Diminution (loss of the value of your motor car because of an extensive repair)

Clothing or personal items (personal effects)

Additional items damaged whilst being carried in the vehicle  



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